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Affordable teeth whitening services available in West Palm Beach

Affordable teeth whitening services available in West Palm Beach

Patients in the West Palm Beach area who have tried brightening their smiles with over-the-counter products are often dissatisfied with the results. Often, the whitening products do not make a very noticeable change in the smile. Many patients visit Pure Dental Care to learn about professional teeth whitening services.

Professional whitening services such as our in-office power bleaching are much more effective than the over-the-counter alternatives used by patients who are looking for a more affordable solution. However, with professional teeth whitening comes value. Though it may cost more than what is available through the drug store, the results are much more noticeable and last considerably longer. It is done in just one appointment in our practice.

Our in-office teeth whitening services are relatively affordable, especially considering the value received. We perform the treatment right in the dental chair and patients can enjoy a brilliant new smile in less than two hours.

The procedure starts with a cleaning, and then a barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue. Bleaching product is applied to the enamel of the teeth and a specialized light is used to activate it. Within about an hour, the barrier gel and bleaching product are removed and the teeth are cleaned. The smile will be up to eight shades whiter! We encourage patients to learn more about the process to better understand how much more effective this method can be when used to enhance the smile.

Pure Dental Care in West Palm Beach are committed to assisting men and women in brightening their smiles. If you want to find out more about in-office power bleaching and learn how affordable it can be, call (855) 883-0355, and schedule an appointment with our team today! We are currently accepting new patients.


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