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What are the benefits of holistic dentistry in West Palm Beach?

What are the benefits of holistic dentistry in West Palm Beach?

Many patients in the West Palm Beach area who are interested in finding a new dental team are often encouraged to learn about the advantages of visiting a holistic dentistry practice. Dr. Elizabeth Keith is a holistic dentist located in the area, serving patients in the community who are interested in oral health measures that are better for both the smile and the body as a whole. Our holistic practice focuses on offering treatments that are biocompatible with the body and provide effective repair and restoration of the smile.

There are many benefits of visiting a holistic dentistry practice in the West Palm Beach area. First, Dr. Elizabeth Keith provide patients with both mercury free and mercury safe dental care. This means not only do we not use silver mercury filling material in this practice,but we also provide safe removal of those very fillings placed,if patients choose to do so. We follow the standards set forth by the IAOMT, which lays out specific protocols for removing silver amalgam fillings safely and effectively.

Additionally, a holistic dentistry practice will take into consideration not only the mouth but the body as whole. Studies continue to prove the connection between the health of the smile and the health of the body with the oral systemic connection. This shows that the bacteria and infections present in the mouth can carry through the bloodstream and affect other organs, thus increasing one’s risk for worsening conditions such as diabetes, strokes, and especially heart disease. Avoiding  mercury in the mouth, as well as maintaining a smile free from periodontal disease and decay, can greatly reduce the chance of these issues occurring within the body.

Holistic dentistry is important to many patients as it allows them to do what is best for their smile and body. Dr. Elizabeth Keith encourages patients in and around the West Palm Beach area to learn about biocompatible dentistry and discover how it can have a positive effect on one’s health and wellbeing. Call Pure Dental Care today to book a consultation appointment and find out how holistic dentistry can change the way you look at dental health forever.


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