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What are the benefits of holistic dental care in the Palm Beach Gardens area?

Reasons to choose a holistic dentist in West Palm Beach

As medical techniques continue to advance, many patients in and around the Palm Beach Gardens area are becoming more aware of the many solutions available to them when it comes to their dental care. Pure Dental Care offer their patients with more effective, healthier, and less invasive procedures with holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry encourages the use of natural, biocompatible materials to restore the smile and maintain its health. Instead of using materials which may be toxic to the mouth or body, Pure Dental Care use mercury free solutions as an alternative. These options are often much healthier for integration with the body and can provide just as effective of a solution as the less appropriate methods.

There are many benefits of holistic dental care, including:

Use of Safe, Healthy Materials

Many materials that have been used in dentistry over the years have been shown to have a negative effect on the body, including silver amalgam fillings and other metals commonly used by dentists within the last several decades. Our practice uses alternative solutions that take one’s health and wellness into consideration.

Treating the Body as a Whole

Instead of just focusing on the smile, a holistic dental practice will also think about how everything done to the mouth will affect the overall body. Holistic dentists are also well-versed in the oral systemic connection, understanding how the bacteria and problems within the mouth can carry through the bloodstream and into the rest of the body, increasing one’s risk for many medical conditions.

Reduced Cost

While the cost of repairing a smile after poor oral health care will always remain the same, holistic dentists at Pure Dental Care focus on prevention. By maintaining one’s oral health, patients can avoid the development of unwanted conditions including cavities, periodontal disease, and even natural tooth loss, which in turn reduces visits related to these problems over time.

If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens area and are interested in learning more about balancing the harmony of the mouth and body with holistic dental care, contact our team today to schedule a consultation visit with our quality dentists.


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