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Are dentures the best option for West Palm Beach residents?

Best dentures from dentist in West Palm Beach residents

It can be easy to take your teeth for granted. That is, until you lose them. When you have gaps in your smile, or you are contending with a poorly fitting dental appliance, you suddenly begin to long for the comfort, convenience, and beauty of your healthy smile. Fortunately, with today’s advanced techniques and greatly improved dental materials, we replace those teeth with restorations that come very close to mimicking nature in appearance and function.
When you hear the word “denture,” you might imagine the oversized, plastic looking false teeth that were all too common in the past. However, dentistry has evolved dramatically since those days. Pure Dental Care and their dedicated staff utilize latest proven methods to deliver dentistry that exceeds your expectations, and improves (never endangers) your health. They offer several styles of dentures, because each patient has unique needs.

Removable dentures

Removable full dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch. This is the traditional style of denture, created in a new way. Most common denture complaints are the result of a poor fit. Ideally, dentures should fit snugly, without inhibiting natural muscular movement. This creates a natural, comfortable feel and causes suction to form between the appliance and the gum. If the fit is not perfect, the denture may slip, fall out, feel unnatural, and cause friction-related sores. We avoid these problems with a multi-phase impressioning and fitting process.
Removable partial dentures are created with the same attention to detail and careful design as full dentures. However, they are not secured by suction. Instead, they are supported by other teeth. There are various styles of attachments, all of which are easily removed and replaced.

Implant retained dentures

For patients who desire a greater level of stability, dental implants are available. They serve as artificial tooth roots, providing optimal support for dentures, bridges, or crowns. We offer the most biocompatible materials available. Implants may be made of pure titanium (no alloys), or zirconia, which is esthetic and completely metal-free. The procedure for placing implants is a very minor, safe surgery, and Dr. Keith has extensive training and experience. However, there are risks inherent with any surgery. Although they are minimal, we will thoroughly explain the process and potential complications, so that you can make an informed decision.
The best tooth replacement option for you is not the same as for the next person. We understand that you are a unique individual, with unique preferences, priorities, health needs, and aesthetic goals. That is why we offer a variety of beautiful, biocompatible dental solutions, for healthy, customized care! Call us at (855) 883-0355 and schedule your appointment today.

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