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Best holistic practice stands apart from other West Palm Beach dentists with comprehensive services

Best holistic practice stands apart from other West Palm Beach dentists with comprehensive services

Many dentists in West Palm Beach may claim they are natural or holistic, but do they walk the talk? To be a truly holistic practice like Pure Dental Care is to integrate specific materials, technologies, and approaches that are often not offered at other dentist’s offices.

In part, a truly holistic dentist offers techniques and products that take into account the inextricable link between the oral cavity and the rest of the body. Pure Dental Care views every interaction with each patient as an opportunity to restore or maintain oral health and uphold each patient’s quality of life and overall health. In turn, dentists can see clues to your general health when they look at your teeth and gums.

For instance, diabetics tend to have inflamed gums, persistent bad breath, and oral fungal infections. One of the most common cancers in the U.S. is diagnosed partly by identifying bleeding sores, firm spots, or even changes with how the teeth come together. For this reason, the dental team will check your neck, head, and cheeks for lumps and other tissue irregularities that may be indicative of oral cancers.

Mercury free versus mercury safe

Patients have traveled from Europe and Hawaii for the doctors’ holistic dental approaches, so many may already be familiar with the risks posed by old fillings. You may be among those who know that silver fillings are actually not silver, but rather a mix of metals that include mercury. Exposure to mercury has been linked to a range of ill health effects, from allergies and anxiety to GI upset and migraines. Patients can also be exposed to mercury during the process of replacing these old fillings. For this reason, it’s important to partner with a mercury safe dentist trained and equipped to prevent mercury exposure during the procedure.

Comprehensive metal-free services

Other dentists may market their placement of non-metal restorations, yet they still use titanium-based dental implants for tooth replacement. Pure Dental Care use zirconia implants, which work in harmony with living tissues. Zirconia is a type of ceramic, which offers an aesthetically pleasing color compared to titanium. Even though the implant is under the gumline, this cosmetic feature is important because the zirconia blends better with the color of the soft tissues, especially for patients who have thin gums.

Ceramics generally promote the health of the soft tissues, while titanium implants may promote the bacteria that leads to a common cause for implant failures: peri-implantitis. Zirconia implants don’t corrode like metals and are good alternatives for patients with metal allergies.

The best holistic dentists in West Palm Beach painstakingly consider every material and method to assure you really are getting the best care and experience possible. Discover this difference for yourself by calling (855) 883-0355 to schedule an appointment.


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