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Why Choose A Biological Dentist in West Palm Beach?

Why Choose A Biological Dentist in West Palm Beach?

Unsightly teeth can affect your entire appearance, and nothing can ruin your day as fast as a toothache. There is no question that your smile is important. However, you might not realize just how important it is – and some dentists will never tell you. Despite rapidly accumulating evidence of the link between dental diseases or materials, and overall health, the old-school approach persists in many practices. If your dentist acts like a “tooth repair person” with little to no interest in your overall wellbeing, you may benefit from changing to a biological dentist, such as Dr. Yagi Pate or Dr. Elizabeth Keith.

How biological dentistry is different

Biological and holistic dentists reject the notion that the mouth is somehow an independent entity. It is one part of a whole (your body). In fact, what affects the mouth has tremendous potential to impact your overall health. It serves as the portal for nutrients, liquid, and oxygen to enter the body.

Medication is frequently taken orally because it goes straight to the digestive system, which distributes it throughout the body. For the same reason, we refrain from consuming poisonous substances. Logic, backed up by extensive research, says that having a source of toxins permanently in your mouth has the potential to make you sick.

Why “safe” is confusing

Of course, no medical professionals, including dentists, want to make their patients sick. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of disagreement about exactly what is considered toxic. Conflicting research and differences of opinion have led to bitter debates within the field of dentistry.

“Maximum allowable levels” further confuse the issue. Many substances have been proven toxic; however, they are not believed to cause symptoms at very low levels. Therefore, they are often called “safe” if the level is below a given limit. This approach leads to many questions:

  • How does long-term exposure to low levels of a toxin affect a person?
  • Are certain individuals more sensitive to specific toxins, giving them a lower personal “maximum” level?
  • What will the repercussions be if studies are flawed, and the allowable limit is set too high?
  • How many people are exposed to low levels, from different sources, adding up to a toxic level of exposure?
  • How can we be sure that a given substance does not release more toxins than people think?

There are no easy answers to these questions, but there is a simple solution. Holistic and biological dentists choose to err on the side of caution. They do not wait for concrete, officially recognized, evidence that a material is harmful before discontinuing its use. Instead, they select materials that have been proven safe, to their satisfaction.

You deserve a dentist who takes your health as seriously as you do! Call (855) 883-0355 and schedule a consultation at our West Palm Beach holistic practice today.


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