Dentist in West Palm Beach reviews the various cosmetic dentistry procedures available and expected cost

cosmetic dentistry procedures available and expected cost

Rejuvenation of the smile when it looks less than perfect is the goal of many patients in the West Palm Beach area. Pure Dental Care provide cosmetic dentistry and review the services available with new and existing patients interested in educating themselves on the myriad of treatments designed to provide a beautiful transformation. Many patients may schedule a consultation appointment to discuss the cost of these treatments, as we are unable to provide accurate quotes without an examination. Some patients may even have coverage through their dental insurance for some procedures, so this is something worth discussing when mentioning the price of services.

There are many cosmetic procedures available, which include:

Tooth loss can occur even in an unexpected manner but it should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid shifting of the existing teeth. Many patients choose dentures, whether they are partial or full dentures, to replace their teeth in an economical manner. When cost is a concern, these removable restorations are often the chosen solution.

Dental Implants
Zirconium dental implants are strongly recommended for patients who are replacing a single tooth that may need to be extracted. Root canal therapy should be avoided by holistic dentists as this treatment can leave harmful bacteria behind in the tooth. Implants allow dentists to extract teeth and place restorations during the same appointment if necessary.

Teeth Whitening
In-office teeth whitening solutions are available through our practice and are extremely effective when compared to their over-the-counter competition. Many patients are unhappy with the results of trays, strips, and whitening toothpaste available at local drugstores and seek the assistance of dental professionals for effective results.

Composite BondingĀ 
This resin material is used to cover and correct areas of breakage. Treatment can be completed in one appointment and it can last several years when patients maintain their smile properly.

Porcelain Veneers
These ceramic restorations are custom made for patients and are bonded over natural teeth to cover imperfections such as staining, breakage, and even misalignment as a faster, more affordable alternative to orthodontics.


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