Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Palm Beach Gardens address discoloration from various causes

Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Palm Beach Gardens address discoloration from various causes

Most of us find it important to feel good about our appearance. At the center of our unique image is our smile. Each of us has a smile that belongs only to us. Our smile could be described as our “calling card”, that thing that we are remembered for. Indeed, people do remember smiles. Our goal is to help you create a smile that is memorable for all the right reasons.

When we consult with people for cosmetic dentistry services in our Palm Beach Gardensdental practice, a common concern we hear is related to the color of teeth. Discoloration may lead to a look that is simply dull, or may cause serious distress. This problem has varying degrees, with stains developing for a number of reasons.

Foods and beverages

What we eat on a daily basis is primarily what leads to the discoloration of teeth. Common stain causing foods identified by patients include coffee, red wine, and tea. There are many more foods and beverages, however, that can cause stains on teeth. These include colas, dark berries, fruit juice, anything with dye, and even vinegar dressing.

Tobacco use

Smoking and using smokeless tobacco will cause teeth to become yellow or brown over time. With regular deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar, the progression and severity of stains may be slowed somewhat. We encourage our patients to avoid tobacco because it is damaging to oral and general health.


There are certain medications that have been linked to tooth discoloration. Tetracycline is the most common, causing a blue tint to develop on teeth. The concern over tetracycline is related to use in children whose teeth are still developing.


With age comes a variety of biochemical changes that affect every part of the body. Many people, as they get older, begin to notice the rapid discoloration of teeth.


Our genes may determine that we are not born with super-white teeth. Having a darker base from which to start, discoloration may seem more pronounced.

Our friendly and professional dental team has many years of experience correcting and enhancing smiles with proven cosmetic dental services. Discoloration does not have to put a dent in your confidence. We offer solutions from whitening to porcelain veneers so that our patients have plenty reason to smile.

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