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West Palm Beach area dentist describes the cost and reviews the benefits of ozone therapy

West Palm Beach area dentist describes the cost and reviews the benefits of ozone therapy

The team at Pure Dental Care is proud to offer a wide range of biocompatible, holistic solutions in their dental practice located in West Palm Beach. They encourage patients to consider their overall health and wellness before undergoing dental procedures, which is why their team is dedicated to providing solutions such as ozone therapy.

Ozone is a type of oxygen sometimes called “activated oxygen” and is a natural element that can be used in ozone therapy. Ozone therapy uses oxygen molecules to reduce inflammation and eliminate bacteria and viruses. This makes it the perfect treatment for periodontal disease and other infections within the oral cavity. Not many dental practices in the West Palm Beach area offer ozone therapy, which sets the practice of Pure Dental Care apart from the rest. They are proud to offer this state-of-the-art treatment for inflammation and infection.

Ozone therapy is another way for dentists to address a myriad of dental issues. Pure Dental Care of West Palm Beach use ozone therapy for the many benefits it has. Our dentist reviews with patients the times when this treatment may be most appropriate and discusses the cost. Some reasons our team may suggest ozone therapy:

  • Better immunity
  • Improved disinfection
  • Increased circulation
  • Restoring oxygen metabolism
  • Eliminating pathogens

Ozone therapy can be used in many procedures including tooth decay, root canal therapy, and for periodontal disease. It is biocompatible, holistic, and better than using pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics. Another advantage of this treatment is that is does not cause reactions to medications, allergic reactions, or side effects.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of ozone therapy when addressing dental concerns, contact Pure Dental Care today. We can educate patients further on the ways in which this treatment can be integrated into oral health solutions and determine the best possible ways to use it to the advantage of our patients.


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