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West Palm Beach area patients ask about the cost of gum disease treatment

cost effective gum disease treatment from expert dentist in West Palm Beach area

Gum disease is a serious condition. If it is not caught early enough, West Palm Beach area patients may be putting themselves at risk for some serious issues including the loss of bone, gum tissue, and natural teeth. Pure Dental Care provide patients in the area with the care and attention necessary to diagnose gum disease, provide effective treatment, and help patients in keeping the condition under control.

Many patients who have gum disease at any stage want to know about the cost of gum disease treatment. This can vary greatly as several factors can affect the overall cost. The stage of gum disease is one factor. If patients are dealing with the initial phase known as gingivitis, treatment is minor and requires a thorough professional cleaning. In some cases, patients may also be prescribed antibiotics to help control the infection as well. As the condition progresses, it becomes much more difficult to address and requires extensive treatments such as scaling and root planing, which is more invasive than traditional cleanings used for the earlier stages of periodontal disease. Antibiotics are administered and patients may need to visit their dentist more often for cleanings and examinations to ensure the condition is under control. This can increase the cost of treatment tremendously.

The best way to avoid the cost of gum disease treatment is to maintain the health of the smile. This includes brushing, flossing, and keeping regular recall appointments with the dentist. Cleanings and examinations are the best ways to keep the smile looking its best and achieving better dental health and wellness.

Pure Dental Care is proud to offer their patients a wide range of dental solutions in their practice. They provide preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative options for patients of all ages in their facility and welcome new patients. They encourage patients to ask questions and learn more about their dental health and wellness so they can take even better care of their smiles over the course of time.

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