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West Palm Beach area patients ask, what dental implant material can be used for best biocompatibility?

dental implant material can be used for best biocompatibility from expert dentist in West Palm Beach area

Many patients who have heard of dental implants know that they are commonly made from titanium, a metal that is typically used in restorations within the body. However, Pure Dental Care of West Palm Beach, FL provide holistic, biocompatible dental care for their patients and encourage them to consider more non-metal alternatives when restoring their smile. With this in mind, many patients in the area will want to take the time to learn about restorations such as zirconium dental implants.

Zirconium dental implants are made from a ceramic material that is more holistic and natural. Not only this, but zirconium implants are also white in color, which is cosmetically important in specific areas of the mouth, such as the front. This alone makes it a more desirable solution versus traditional metal implants used by other dentists in the area.

Zirconium is extremely compatible with the smile and functions in the same way as conventional metal implants. They are placed into the jaw bone after an x-rays allows the dentist to determine the best area for installation. This procedure is done while patients are properly anesthetized and sedated for optimum comfort. The implant is left in the smile for several weeks to allow a process called osseointegration to occur. This is a process in which the implant integrates into the jawbone to hold the restoration in place. This is how the implant obtains the strength and stability it needs to act as a tooth replacement. Afterwards, a crown, bridge, or denture is placed over the abutment of the implant for further restoration of both aesthetics and function.

Pure Dental Care encourage patients to consider restorations that are biocompatible with their body for the best dental health solutions available. Contact their team in West Palm Beach, Florida today to book an examination and consultation appointment with our dedicated team of professionals. We welcome new and existing patients to our state-of-the-art practice and want our dental family to enjoy the many solutions available for most any dental concern.

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