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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

While dentists make every effort to preserve and restore patient’s natural tooth structure, there are times when a permanent tooth may be lost. For some, it is possible that all permanent teeth will need to be removed due to weakened tooth structure or some other degenerative process.

In recent years, dental implants have developed to a point where the implant itself is 100% titanium, which is a biocompatible material. In our practice, patients are treated with dental implants made of zirconia or titanium. Zirconium material,  is a metal-free ceramic, has been proven to reside well within the oral tissues without causing irritation or a galvanic effect. It has been widely used in Europe and getting its introduction in U.S.A.

There are clear benefits to zirconia dental implants in addition to their metal-free makeup. Ceramic is a material that is white, versus the metallic silver of titanium. White implants beneath beautiful white restorations set the stage for a naturally beautiful, functional smile.

Pure Dental Care uses the same safe materials used to construct dental crowns and bridges. Implants are recommended only after thoughtful consideration and a thorough examination of medical and dental conditions. In order for the implant procedure to begin, any periodontal disease or imbalance in the acid/alkaline ratio will need to be addressed and corrected.

Recommended as an alternative to the root canal procedure, dental implants may be used for the permanent replacement of a single tooth or multiple missing teeth, as the foundation to implant-supported dentures, or to replace every tooth individually. A permanent solution, the implant treatment is a process that provides to bring back the smile and function of a healthy mouth.

The first phase of the implant process is the through examination and diagnostic data gathering using radiographs, photos, CBCT scans, DIGITAL scan and planning the sites where the  implants are going to be placed. Dr. Keith works closely together with a periodontist who we invite to take care of our patients.While Dr.Keith may directly place the implants herself or have the periodontist do the surgical phase of the treatment  After insertion, gum tissue is secured over the implant for the duration of the healing process. Over the course of three to four months following this surgical procedure, healthy jaw bone heals around the  titanium or zirconium implant.

The patient returns to the office for the placement of the abutment, the portion of the implant that attaches the artificial tooth to the implant. Dr. Keith first checks that the implant has well adapted to the bone so that the implant can be fully restored. In this procedure, gum tissue is cut back from the implant  if needed, and the abutment is attached. Digital scan is recoreded and sent to the laboratory to fabricate the restoration. The next visit is usually between 2-3 weeks to insert the restoration over the implant.

We make our patients’ general health and wellbeing a priority when planning dental care. To determine your best option for the replacement of a missing tooth or teeth, contact our office for your consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Keith.

"Had a wonderful visit. Everyone is very friendly and always trying to put you at ease. A great feeling of everyone working towards the same goal…being sensitive to your needs and doing some of the best dentistry around! You won’t be disappointed." ~DAuber
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