Enjoy Oral Health and Beauty from A West Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Enjoy Oral Health and Beauty from A West Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Nothing is quite as beautiful as a warm, bright smile. It can cheer up an old friend, or help you make a new one. However, if your smile is dingy and stained, you probably refrain from sharing it. Studies have shown that unattractive smiles don’t have quite the same effect as beautiful ones. People tend to judge those with nice smiles more favorably in areas such as honesty, social status, friendliness, intelligence and more.

Safety of cosmetic dentistry

It’s no wonder cosmetic dentistry has enjoyed phenomenal popularity in recent years. However, you may be concerned about the safety of cosmetic procedures. The good news is that smile enhancement can be very safe, and often conservative. However, it is important to choose the right dentist.

Cosmetic dentists place high priority on aesthetics, sometimes more so than health. Although cosmetic dentists tend to use biocompatible materials, it is not always out of concern for your health. Simply stated, metal is ugly and very unnatural looking, so they don’t use it – an attractive but unhealthy material or procedure may be of less concern. Pure Dental Care will always put your wellbeing first in any situation.

Choosing the right procedures

Before recommending a procedure or treatment plan, your doctor will perform a comprehensive evaluation and discuss your options. We do not pressure patients to commit to optional procedures, nor do we hide any potential disadvantages. If any oral health problems such as gum disease are discovered, they will be given priority.

Many common concerns can be corrected without altering the tooth structure, using techniques such as teeth bleaching of bonding. Others may require some permanent changes. For example, porcelain veneers are not considered reversible, because some enamel is usually shaved from the tooth surface. If you are interested in veneers, we will explain how much tooth alteration will be needed, what (if any) impact if may have on your oral health, and what care the treated teeth will need.

Our practice revolves around you. We will answer your questions, provide advice, and help you make informed decisions. When you and your doctor have chosen a treatment plan that meets your needs, we will wow you with the result!

Let us help you to enjoy the dazzling smile of your dreams, and radiant health. Call (855) 883-0355 and schedule a cosmetic consultation today.


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