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West Palm Beach area patients ask, can gum infection treatment be done without antibiotics?

Gum Infection Treatment Without Antibiotics from dentist in West Palm Beach

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a gum infection that can happen to anyone. West Palm Beach area patients who visit Pure Dental Care regularly will be able to diagnose this condition early enough for fast intervention. However, if it is left untreated, it can become a serious problem that can result in permanent, irreversible damage of the gum tissue, natural teeth, and even the bone of the jaw. Our team encourages patients to come into the dentist’s office at least twice a year for an examination and to make an appointment when there is ever an issue of concern.

Dentists at Pure Dental Care are biological dentists who want to help patients achieve better dental health, and when conditions such as gum infection arise, proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary. Whenever possible, our team will treat the condition without the use antibiotics. We want to try and find a way to address these issues without using pharmaceuticals, but for more severe cases of periodontal disease, sometimes antibiotics may need to be used for effective care. We discuss with our patients the ways in which we can assist them in bringing their smile back to health after periodontal disease in the most conservative way possible.

For the earlier stages of periodontal disease, treatments such as a thorough cleaning may help. This can be done to treat the stage called gingivitis when there is minimal inflammation of the gum tissue and some bleeding that may indicate an issue. The later stages will require more invasive procedures such as scaling and root planing which allows the dentist to removal plaque, tartar, and bacteria from all surfaces of the teeth, even the root system.

Pure Dental Care encourage patients to take the time to learn about the treatment options available to them when conditions such as periodontal disease arise. Contact our team today to book a consultation appointment and find out which solution is best for the current health status of your smile. We provide assistance to patients in the community of West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

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