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Get a healthy boost from holistic approaches to conventional dental procedures in Palm Beach Gardens

Get a healthy boost from holistic approaches to conventional dental procedures in Palm Beach Gardens

You’ve come to the right place for holistic dental procedures in and around Palm Beach Gardens. Pure Dental Care view every procedure holistically to ensure a customized treatment that enhances your overall, long-term health. 

An Introduction to Holistic Dentistry

This alternative to conventional dental procedures, products, and materials is built upon a few basic tenets, including:

  • Use of biocompatible or non-toxic materials
  • Oral health and overall health are linked
  • Noninvasive technologies and techniques

As pioneers in holistic dentistry, the dental team focuses on preventing the need for treatments to resolve pain, inflammation, and infection that can have far-reaching consequences. For instance, should a badly-infected tooth go untreated, it can develop into a whole-body infection. Checkups and professional cleanings at recommended intervals allow the identification of problems early, and suggestions for modifications to hygiene that prevent the need for restorative procedures.

Neuromuscular dentistry expertise may be applied to relieve the effects of temporomandibular joint disorder with TENS stimulation, exercises, and lifestyle modifications that reduce discomfort or eliminate reliance on pain medications. TMJ and conditions from cavities to gum disease may also be treated naturally and noninvasively with ozone therapy.

Should Pure Dental Care rebuild a tooth, rest assured the new tooth structure is metal-free, which eliminates concerns about mercury in restorations. Even dental implants are made with beautiful ceramic Zirconia! The practice is truly mercury-safe due to the staff’s adherence to International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology protocols. These protocols were established to minimize exposure to toxic vapors released during the removal of silver fillings.

Discover how the products and approaches offered by Pure Dental Care can enhance your life, including the health and appearance of your smile. Call 855-883-0355 to schedule your appointment.


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