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Dentists distinguished from other holistic practitioners in Palm Beach Gardens with safe mercury removal

Dentists distinguished from other holistic practitioners in Palm Beach Gardens with safe mercury removal

Let Pure Dental Care be the first you think of when it comes to holistic dentistry in and around Palm Beach Gardens.

Also known as biological dentistry, this approach is built upon some basic tenets, including:

  • Oral health and dental conditions affect your overall well-being.
  • Toxic dental materials should be avoided.
  • Programs and preventive care transcend good oral hygiene, and take into account nutrition and other lifestyle modifications, such as smoking cessation and stress management.
  • Techniques and technologies should promote long-term health, and not merely react to a disease or condition in the short-term, which may not be in the best interest of the patient.

You may be aware that the traditionally-accepted approach to cavities, “silver” fillings, are not all silver. Rather, these common restorations get their name from their silver-ish appearance. They are actually made from an amalgam or mix of metals. The FDA reports that elemental mercury makes up about half of dental amalgam. Mercury helps to bind together the silver, copper, and tin that comprises the rest of the amalgam.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology reports the risk of injury or illness with dental mercury (and other mercury-containing medical devices and substances) presents a direct and substantial danger to the health of patients and even to their unborn children, that is unreasonable.

In its updated position statement, the IAOMT refers to the absorption of mercury over long periods of time as causing symptoms of “mercurialism,” which includes tremors, numbness in the legs and arms, depression, and numbness. It can also aggravate existing kidney, respiratory, and nervous system disorders. While many dentists no longer place mercury-containing fillings, few so-called holistic practitioners in the Palm Beach Gardens area are trained and equipped in safe removal techniques.

IAOMT has acknowledged how the above symptoms and many other unwanted conditions can arise as the result of mercury vapors, released when silver fillings are removed. In turn, the IAOMT has established a protocol, Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, which Pure Dental Care adhere to for the wellbeing of patients and the dental team.

Rest assured that this practice has the devices to properly collect and remove mercury waste and vapor. It also has safe procedures in place to prevent toxic particles from being spread to other parts of the patient’s body, and to minimize mercury exposure as the fillings are being removed.

Don’t delay in scheduling the appointment that will help you feel better. Call your mercury-free and mercury-safe holistic dentist at 855-883-0355.


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