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How is mercury removed safely in practices located around the Palm Beach Gardens area?

How is mercury removed safely in practices located around the Palm Beach Gardens area?

Pure Dental Care at Palm Beach Gardens are quality dentists who understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. At their practice, they provide holistic health services such as safe mercury removal.

When patients come to Pure Dental Care seeking safe mercury removal, they can rest easy knowing that mercury removal in their practice is done to the protocols set forth by the IAOMT (also referred to as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). The IAOMT is an organization that provides dentists with specific guidelines that should be followed in order to safely removal silver amalgam fillings from the teeth.

Many patients will request silver amalgam fillings be removed due to the dangers they pose. Silver amalgam fillings are the metal fillings that many dentists have placed into the smile over the years and were deemed safe. However, studies continue to show that they are made of over 50% mercury, which is a toxic substance to humans. When the silver amalgam fillings are heated, during chewing or even enjoyment of a warm beverage, it can release toxins that are carried through the bloodstream and into the rest of the body. This can become a serious medical issue and should not be taken lightly. Removal of mercury fillings and replacement with composite resin bonding is not only more aesthetic, but safer for long-term cavity repair.

Many patients will ask how mercury is removed in our practice. We ensure patients that we follow IAOMT standards which includes covering patient and team, using special ventilation devices, and special techniques to break up the filling and allow it to be removed with as little exposure as possible. The IAOMT understands how mercury toxins can be released into the air and affect staff, so we want to make sure that everything we do to remove the silver amalgam filling is done with optimum safety.

If you reside in or around the West Palm Beach area and want to have your silver amalgam fillings replaced with composite resin bonding, we highly encourage you to book an appointment with our team. Pure Dental Care has the experience to provide new and existing patients with proper removal and replacement.


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