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West Palm Beach holistic dentists offer metal-free alternative to conventional implant dentistry

metal-free alternative to conventional implant dentistry from West Palm Beach holistic dentists

Working in partnership with you, Pure Dental Care make every effort to keep your own teeth healthy. Should an accident or other trauma damage a natural tooth beyond repair, these dentists offer the next best thing to the healthy teeth that grew with you – modern, metal-free, dental implant-supported crowns.

Why you should turn to a holistic dentist for implants

Traditionally, many dentists have touted the dental implants they place as biocompatible, because underlying bone fuses to the implant. However, most of these implants are made from medical-grade titanium, which is a lightweight but strong metal.

As a holistic practice, Pure Dental Care use safe, non-toxic, and metal-free dental materials including biocompatible zirconium implants. Zirconium is a type of ceramic, which has long been a preferred choice for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Ceramics have many aesthetic properties including a natural white color, which is particularly attractive to those who are missing teeth in a visible area of the mouth. Research through the decades has shown that zirconium possesses superior strength and hardness. Consider how this material is a go-to for industrial cutting tools and other environments where it is placed under significant stress, such as auto and aviation industries.

For the long, healthy life of your new tooth

Proven to pose no harm to living tissues, zirconium is also a mainstay in medical circles and for prosthetic devices such as hip replacements. To support your replacement tooth root, surrounding bone must successfully fuse with the dental implant. Zirconium’s track record of osseointegration with supportive bone is well-documented. This characteristic, a stable dental implant well-rooted in the jawbone, provides a solid foundation for the new tooth. It is a key element for a crown that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

The use of ceramics like zirconium also ease fears historically associated with metals, including allergies and corrosion. Since zirconium doesn’t oxidize like metal, surrounding tissues remain healthy and are better preserved than tissues that co-exist with conventional titanium implants. The latter option tends to more rapidly promote harmful bacteria, which can affect the success of the implant and its longevity.

Discover a better approach to implant dentistry with your trusted holistic dentists in West Palm Beach, Pure Dental Care. Call (855) 883-0355 to schedule an appointment.

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