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The advantages of mercury free dentistry in West Palm Beach

The advantages of mercury free dentistry in West Palm Beach

If you have cavities in your mouth, chances are you have mercury in your mouth as well. For many years, materials used to fill cavities were made of a metal alloy that includes approximately 50 percent mercury. These fillings are distinguished by their silver color.

In recent years, the use of mercury laden amalgam fillings has been criticized because of the potential toxicity, which can lead to various health problems. Studies link mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive substance on Earth, to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, heart disease, and tremors.

Now, patients and dentists are more frequently opting to fill cavities with a mercury-free composite filling. Composite fillings are gaining popularity because they offer several great advantages.

  • Color – Composite fillings are white or tooth colored instead of the traditional silver color. When used, only patients and their dentists know where cavities are located. To the untrained eye, a composite filling blends right into the natural tooth.
  • Durability – Mercury free composite fillings are less likely to pull away from the teeth, crack, or cause temperature sensitivity than silver fillings are. Therefore, with proper care, the filling should stay intact permanently.
  • No risk of toxicity or pollution – Whereas silver or metal fillings raise the potential exposure to mercury, composite fillings are made from completely safe biological materials.

Holistic dentists at Pure Dental Care, located in West Palm Beach, FL, believe that the health of your mouth is directly linked to the health of your body. As such, they are committed to a mercury safe practice. They will only place fillings made of materials that are safe to your body and also they are skilled in the practice of removing amalgam fillings, should a patient request it. It is important to note that several safety measures must be in place when removing the metal fillings to be sure that none of the mercury particles released into the environment come into contact with the patient or the dental team.

To learn more about alternatives to metal fillings or about the practice of holistic and biological dentistry, call Pure Dental Care.


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