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Patients ask, where near me in West Palm Beach can I obtain metal free dental implants?

Metal Free Dental Implants rom dentist in West Palm Beach

Pure Dental Care of the West Palm Beach area assist patients in restoring their smiles in many different ways, including with the use of metal free dental implants. Though not the first choice for most patients, dental implants can be a successful way of replacing missing teeth or stabilizing full dentures. Our team of professionals can help patients determine if dental implants may be right for them.

Dental implants do require patients to have enough bone available for a successful placement. Bone is needed to hold the implant in place. Once the implant is placed during oral surgery by Dr. Elizabeth Keith, a process known as osseointegration allows the bone to grow around the implant to further stabilize it. When there is not enough bone available, patients may be candidates for bone grafting or may want to consider other options.

The dental implants used in our holistic dental practice are metal free. This is to ensure biocompatibility and also better aesthetics. We use zirconium implants which are white and can blend in with the natural smile better than traditional titanium metal implants. This is why they are more desirable and better suited for patients with holistic and biocompatible dentistry in mind.

Dental implants require oral surgery and plenty of time to heal. However, once the process is complete and patients maintain their oral health, they can enjoy their dental implants for the rest of their lives. These permanent restorations can be a great investment in one’s smile and provide years of beautiful, fully functioning smiles for patients. Our practice recommends metal free restorations for better overall health and wellness thanks to biocompatibility and to avoid the use of metals and silver amalgam which can have negative effects on the smile.

If you have been searching for a place to receive metal free dental implants “near me” in West Palm Beach, contact Pure Dental Care. We welcome new and existing patients in the community who are ready to restore and rejuvenate the function and aesthetics of their smiles!

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"Unfortunately, over the years my teeth had deteriorated and were in very poor shape. As you can guess it had been many years since I had been to a dentist. Fortunately, my doctor recommended Dr. Keith. Dr. Keith and her staff put me at ease and answered all my questions and laid out a plan of what was needed. I was happy to find they were of the holistic mindset and felt very much they were people I could trust with my serious dental conditions. As we have worked through this over the past months I find they are always there for me. If I have an issue here or there, they take it seriously and quickly have me in to correct it as best as possible. They were very careful in removing previous mercury fillings, taking measures to ensure I was not inhaling mercury during extraction. They keep me well informed of what is happening each step of the way which makes me confident in them and in how I am proceeding. I would recommend Dr. Keith to anyone who requires great and friendly dental care." ~Steven
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