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What to expect from orthodontic dental care in West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Patel is a certified, VIP Bronze level provider.

Would you like to have straight, evenly-spaced teeth for a more attractive smile? Do you have problems with jaw discomfort, headaches, or worn teeth? Orthodontic straightening could be a terrific solution. This is Dr. Yagi Patel’s focus at Pure Dental Care in West Palm Beach, FL.

How braces move teeth

Complex changes happen in your body during orthodontic treatment. Appliances place light, constant force on a precise area of a tooth, triggering a biochemical response. Positive pressure occurs in which treatment compresses the periodontal membrane. On the opposite side of the tooth, tension or negative pressure is created. This results in a microscopic space.

In a process called bone remodeling, the body sends osteoblasts to the area of negative pressure. These bone-growing cells fill in the space. Meanwhile, on the side being squeezed, osteoclasts resorb bone tissue. As the tooth settles into this new position, bone fuses solidly with the root, over the course of several months, anchoring the tooth securely.

Orthodontic dental care in West Palm Beach, FL: Before and during treatment

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Each patient in Dr. Patel’s care receives a personalized treatment plan following these general steps:

  • Referral from your dentist – With a general dentist on staff, this is convenient for patients at Pure Dental Care. Dr. Elizabeth Keith examines your teeth and takes x-rays to determine if your concerns would likely be resolved with braces. She talks with you about other possible options, such as porcelain veneers, to help you make an informed treatment decision.
  • Consultation – If you decide to pursue braces, our friendly front desk staff schedules your initial visit with Dr. Patel. She takes plenty of time to understand what you would like to change, and to assess physical symptoms that may be related to bite issues. You discuss cost, as well as necessary commitment to hygiene and re-check visits. At this appointment, she takes impressions of your mouth as the first step in treatment planning.
  • Treatment plan – Using your x-rays, impressions, and digital photographs, Dr. Patel develops a strategy to get you into a straighter smile. It may involve moving each tooth or just a few; upper or lower arch only, or both. She uses the mold of your mouth to create a mockup of placement of appliances.
  • Braces are placed – This is your longest appointment for orthodontic treatment – count on an hour or two. Teeth are cleaned, and front surfaces are conditioned and primed to provide a good bond. Then each bracket is cemented in place.
  • Wire insertion – An arc of orthodontic wire is cut to the appropriate length. It may be bent in places to create additional leverage at precise locations. The doctor positions the wire into brackets and closes the “doors” to secure it.
  • Oral care – Dr. Patel or a member of the hygiene team show you how to brush and floss. She may suggest a special spindle-shaped toothbrush that makes it easier to keep teeth and brackets clean, a floss threader, or a water flosser. Please do not skip regular checkup and cleaning appointments. They are especially important while in treatment.

Dr. Patel’s care receives a personalized treatment plan

You also receive guidance on dietary limitations. For example, gummy, crunchy, and hard foods can easily dislodge appliances. While you must avoid chewing gum and sticky sweets, you may continue to eat healthy fresh produce and lean proteins by cutting food into chewable pieces rather than biting directly into these items.

Expect some discomfort for a day or two as your mouth gets used to the pressure. It can easily be managed with over the counter analgesics. Give yourself a few days to adapt to speaking, drinking, and eating with braces.

The doctor determines how often adjustments should be made – usually every three to four weeks. During these visits, the arch wire is removed and re-bent, or replaced with a new wire. Other adjustments, such as the addition of elastics, could be made as well. You may feel mild discomfort after adjustments, but it should resolve quickly.

At Pure Dental Care you also have the choice of Invisalign clear aligners. Dr. Patel is a certified, Silver tier provider.

Your straight smile awaits. Call (855) 883-0355 to schedule an orthodontic dental care consultation with Dr. Patel at Pure Dental Care in West Palm Beach, FL.


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