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How ozone therapy and restorative dentistry work hand in hand at West Palm Beach dental practice

How ozone therapy and restorative dentistry work hand in hand at West Palm Beach dental practice

By visiting a holistic dental practice, patients in the West Palm Beach area know that they are receiving the best possible treatment. Dentists at Pure Dental Care are biocompatible dentists who believe in providing appropriate care and attention to the smile in a way that does not negatively affect it. This means that our dental practice does not participate in the use of silver amalgam fillings or metal restorations. We focus on using composite resin or porcelain for many of our restorative dentistry procedures. Additionally, we provide extra services for our patients including treatment for TMJ/TMD, snoring, and sleep apnea. We also encourage patients to consider the use of ozone therapy when combined with restorative dentistry.

Ozone therapy can be used in killing fungus, parasites, viruses, and bacteria. This gas can be used within the mouth to benefit patients who are dealing with conditions such as periodontal disease. Pure Dental Care is proud to offer ozone therapy to patients who are interested in achieving the healthiest smile and do so in a safe, effective, and biocompatible manner.

Ozone therapy has many benefits. It can eliminate the bacteria in the mouth that can attack the teeth and gum tissues, offering effective treatment for periodontal disease. It can provide relief from sensitivity and can remineralize areas of tooth decay. This versatile gas can be used as a painless treatment for periodontal disease and is commonly used in this manner by Pure Dental Care.

If you reside in or around the West Palm Beach area and would like to learn more about ozone therapy and restorative dentistry in a biocompatible dental practice, contact Pure Dental Care today. We encourage patients to learn about ozone therapy and understand how it can be used in fighting infection and combating bacteria when periodontal disease is present


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