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Benefits of ozone therapy in West Palm Beach dentistry

Benefits of ozone therapy in West Palm Beach dentistry

At Pure Dental Care, their friendly, knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing quality dental care in the most natural, comfortable, healthy manner possible. They are proud to provide one of the safest and most innovative infection control systems available: Dental ozone therapy.

Understanding oral infection

Gum disease is not caused by a single strain of bacteria, but rather a colonization of many bacteria and other microorganisms. They create a complex biofilm, which presents two challenges in treatment. First, medications are typically effective against one, or a select few, infective agents. If one type of bacteria, virus, or fungi is eliminated, another will take over. The other challenge is that many microorganisms can develop immunity to specific chemicals, rendering the medication ineffective.

Understanding ozone

Ozone is an energized form of oxygen. It is present in Earth’s atmosphere, both at ground level and in upper atmospheric layers. Natural events, such as lightening generate ozone. This substance also has an interesting effect when it contacts a living system. The reaction, known as an oxidative burst, stimulates several natural physiologic and biochemical reactions.

Infective microorganisms do not have any natural defense against this oxidative burst, and it is effective against the full spectrum of the biofilm. It quickly and safely disinfects the treated area, without the potential side effects associated with traditional chemical medications. The side effects of ozone therapy include healing more rapidly, improved immune response, and increased blood flow to the affected area.

The safety of treatment

Ozone therapy is not a new concept. It was first introduced over a century ago, by a respected Swiss dentist. Over the years, extensive scientific research has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of this treatment. Ozone is a naturally created gaseous substance, not a man-made chemical. It is present in our atmosphere and essential to our survival on Earth. Therefore, it is not possible to develop an allergy to ozone.

For years, scientists have struggled to create the ideal formula for a safe, effective, broad spectrum, gum disease treatment. All this time, the answer was right here, in the air we breathe, formulated by Mother Nature! To learn more about ozone therapy or other holistic dental treatments, call our West Palm Beach office at (855) 883-0355.


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