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Palm Beach Gardens area patients ask, “Are the placement of dental implants painful?”

Less painful dental implants from dentist in West Palm Beach

Dental implants are commonly considered for patients who are interested in rejuvenating their smiles after tooth loss. Tooth loss may occur for a myriad of reasons, and it should not be left without proper treatment. This is because the lost teeth can result in shifting of the existing teeth. This can cause spacing problems, which can only be improved with the use of orthodontics. Instead, patients should seek dental attention as soon as they have lost a tooth to ensure their smile stays beautiful.

Pure Dental Care offer tooth replacement options such as dental implants. Dental implants act as tooth root replacements. They are posts that the dentist will surgically place into the bone of the jaw and restore according to the patient’s needs. In some cases, the dental implant can be restored with a dental crown over the abutment to replace a single tooth. In other situations, it may hold one end of a dental bridge or stabilize full dentures. Our dental team can discuss with patients the best use of a dental implant within the smile.

Many patients who hear about the oral surgery may begin to wonder if the placement of dental implants is painful. Without proper anesthetics and sedation, it can be, but our practice utilizes solutions to help make it a pain-free process. We want our patients comfortable, so we consult with them about what they can expect before, during, and after their treatment. During the procedure, we have pain blockers such as local anesthetics and sedation that can put patients at ease and keep them from experiencing any discomfort. Afterwards, we may prescribe pain medication to help patients manage their condition for several days following the procedure. These are often prescription-strength for optimum results.

If you are interested in finding out if dental implants are right for you, contact Pure Dental Care today to book a consultation appointment with our team. We can make recommendations that suit your specific needs and desires, as well as develop a treatment plan that fits your budget and expectations.

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