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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

Just as important as our teeth to natural function is the state of the gums. Not only do gums serve as the support system for teeth, the bacteria that cause inflammation to gum tissue also travel from the mouth to other body parts and result in unhealthy inflammation there as well. To promote healthy teeth and gums, the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice daily and floss once each day. Unfortunately, the immense benefits of flossing have long been missed, and the habit, for many, seems insignificant to oral health.

The purpose of flossing is more than the simple removal of tiny food particles. Inside of every oral cavity is a delicate balance of bacteria, which is very easily thrown off. It is through this task that a greater degree of bacteria is removed from the mouth. Hence, gums are more protected against the effects of such bacteria.

While these tasks certainly make for a healthier oral environment, Dr. Elizabeth Keith and our dedicated hygienists see past the obvious cause and educate patients on the real source of the problem of gum disease. Our mouth is directly linked to our entire body. Hence, what goes on in one will go on in the other. In the case of gum disease, studies have shown that there is a higher incidence of this degenerative oral condition in patients whose bodies are more acidic in nature.

We are not designed to have an excess of acid in our bodies. The acid/alkaline balance, in most cases, gets disturbed by the foods and beverages that are consumed on a regular basis. Our primary focus, then, in guiding our patients back to optimal oral health is to bring the body back into balance through recommended dietary changes.

Our approach to treating unhealthy gums is dependent on the state of gums. In most instances, non surgical treatment combined with ozone therapy proves to be immensely beneficial for the immediate reduction of inflammation. We follow this therapy up with herbal and other natural remedies that may be used consistently at home. It is recommended that our patients use an electric toothbrush and a waterpik so that prescribed herbal remedies may be applied as a part of their daily oral hygiene practice.

With exceptional attention to dietary and oral hygiene habits, it is absolutely possible to reverse the effects of gum disease. Contact Pure Dental Care for your consultation and gum health assessment.

"Very professional. And everyone in the office is so nice! Very happy to have found this dentist office!" ~Mark D.
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