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What treatment might West Palm Beach patients need for periodontitis?

Treatment for Periodontitis from dentist in West Palm Beach

Pure Dental Care of West Palm Beach provide a holistic, biocompatible dental practice in the area to help families improve the health and wellness of their smile without the need for dangerous chemicals or materials in the mouth. Holistic dentistry means more natural approaches to dental concerns and can ensure the lifelong benefits of a beautiful smile free from decay and disease.

However, there are times during which patients may develop periodontal disease due to a past of poor oral health care. To avoid periodontal disease—also known as gum disease—patients must not only visit their dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, but must maintain the health of the smile at home. This requires regular brushing and flossing. When this is not done, bacteria and food particles can result in plaque and tartar which can eat away at the enamel and result in periodontitis and/or tooth decay. Both can have a negative effect on the smile’s health.

When periodontitis occurs, treatment should be sought as soon as possible. Depending on the stage of which the disease is at, most patients will benefit from a thorough cleaning of the teeth—including the roots—during a procedure called scaling and root planing. Patients may also benefit from ozone therapy which can facilitate healing and eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics which are often used for infection.

To determine the most proper solution for a patient’s specific needs, the team at Pure Dental Care will perform a thorough evaluation of the smile which may include x-rays to check for areas of decay or disease underneath the gum line. Patients take this time to speak with their dentist about their home care habits and determine what needs to be done to improve the health of the smile.

Patients in and around the West Palm Beach area who are interested in finding out about periodontitis treatment and other dental health solutions are encouraged to visit with the team of professionals at our practice. We can provide holistic solutions including natural therapies that can improve the health and wellness of the smile along with compliance and home care by the patients.

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"Unfortunately, over the years my teeth had deteriorated and were in very poor shape. As you can guess it had been many years since I had been to a dentist. Fortunately, my doctor recommended Dr. Keith. Dr. Keith and her staff put me at ease and answered all my questions and laid out a plan of what was needed. I was happy to find they were of the holistic mindset and felt very much they were people I could trust with my serious dental conditions. As we have worked through this over the past months I find they are always there for me. If I have an issue here or there, they take it seriously and quickly have me in to correct it as best as possible. They were very careful in removing previous mercury fillings, taking measures to ensure I was not inhaling mercury during extraction. They keep me well informed of what is happening each step of the way which makes me confident in them and in how I am proceeding. I would recommend Dr. Keith to anyone who requires great and friendly dental care." ~Steven
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