Palm Beach Garden dentist describes porcelain veneers

Palm Beach Garden dentist describes porcelain veneers

Restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry often go hand in hand. Dentists such as Dr. Elizabeth Keith, DMD can work with patients to help them enjoy a more beautiful smile while also addressing imperfections that may naturally occur within the smile—or those which have been caused by trauma or injury. At Pure Dental Care, patients can speak to their Palm Beach Gardens dentists about aesthetic treatments such as porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers, sometimes referred to as dental veneers, are extremely thin shells of ceramic bonded over the front of the natural teeth to disguise unwanted imperfections. These imperfections may include permanent staining of the natural tooth enamel, breakage, or even misalignment. Using porcelain veneers is fast, easy, and affordable for most patients who are ready to cover up specific issues within their smile.

Porcelain veneers are made using impressions of the natural teeth to get a precise fit. This is done after preparations are made, during which a portion of the enamel is removed to ensure no bulk is added to the natural tooth after the veneer is cemented in place. Pure Dental Care use a strong, long-lasting bonding material to keep the veneer over the natural tooth for many years.

Patients with porcelain veneers must understand that even though they are made out of a strong material, they are still susceptible to breakage. In situations such as this, they may need to be replaced. Taking good care of the smile by avoiding chewing or biting on extremely hard substances while maintaining regular dental visits at the practice is the best way to keep the veneers going strong for many, many years.

Patients who are the most appropriate candidates for veneers are those with healthy smiles who want to cover specific problematic areas that may be negatively affecting the aesthetics of their mouth. Pure Dental Care can provide patients with a consultation appointment and initial evaluation to determine if patients are a good fit for these specific restorations.


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