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Reduce the risk of periodontal disease with prevention techniques from West Palm Beach area dentist

Reduce the risk of periodontal disease with prevention techniques from West Palm Beach area dentist

It is no surprise that dentists in the West Palm Beach area have their patients’ best interests in mind. Dentists Pure Dental Care are dentists in the community who work closely with patients to help them in achieving better oral health. This includes periodontal disease prevention.

The risk of periodontal disease is increased when patients fail to take good care of their smiles. This includes brushing and flossing after every meal to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Pure Dental Care find that patients who do not take care of their smiles between recall appointments may be putting themselves at risk of developing gum disease. Once gum disease has developed, it can only be controlled and monitored – not cured. This results in long-term issues that must continually be checked by a professional.

This leads us to another prevention technique: regular visits with the dentist. At our practice, we recommend patients come in at least twice a year (every six months) for a cleaning, examination, and x-rays as necessary. This is a great time for us to evaluate the health of the smile and determine if any further action needs to be taken. We can diagnose issues early enough for effective intervention, and we work closely with patients to help them understand what can be done to prevent periodontal disease. We also check for cavities, and if they are found, provide treatment as soon as possible to keep them from becoming larger and more problematic.

Patients in and around the community of West Palm Beach are welcome to book a consultation appointment at Pure Dental Care. We want patients to educate themselves on the ways to reduce their risk for periodontal disease and tooth decay, and work with dentists who put their patients first and help them understand the benefits of good oral health habits. Contact our practice today to book an evaluation and appointment at our state-of-the-art practice and learn about the ways in which conditions such as these can be avoided.

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