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The importance of primary dental care in West Palm Beach, FL

Best dental care from dentist in West Palm Beach, FL

Decay can affect your oral health at any age. When cavities progress without treatment, they can eventually affect the inner dentin and pulp chamber of the tooth, causing pain and potential need for extraction. At Pure Dental Care, we provide primary dental care to patients of all ages in the West Palm Beach, FL area. By maintaining regular dental visits and practicing good oral hygiene, you can minimize your risk of developing cavities.

What causes cavities?

Sugar is usually the number one answer when you ask people, “What causes cavities?” The truth is, sugar doesn’t cause cavities directly, but it does feed the bacteria that cause cavities. When sugary foods and beverages feed these bacteria, they leave a film known as plaque on the teeth. If plaque is left on teeth, the acid will erode the enamel, causing a cavity.

Protecting your teeth through proper dental care

We encourage all our patients, regardless of age, to come into our office every six months for a regular exam and professional cleaning. For patients who are at an increased risk for tooth decay or gum disease, we may recommend appointments more frequently.

The purpose of dental check-ups is two-fold. First, we want to examine the teeth and identify any areas of concern early, while they are easiest to treat. Second, a professional cleaning removes any build-up of plaque on the teeth.

Early detection is crucial

When cavities do develop, it’s important to find them early. Small cavities are often easy to treat while the tooth is still functional. The deeper a cavity goes, the more extensive the treatment becomes.

At our West Palm Beach, FL office, we have the latest technology for the early detection of cavities. Call us today at (855) 883-0355 to schedule an appointment.

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