Dentists in Palm Beach Gardens area describe the advantages of professional teeth whitening

Dentists in Palm Beach Gardens area describe the advantages of professional teeth whitening

At Pure Dental Care, patients in the Palm Beach Gardens area are often exposed to a wide variety of safe yet effective cosmetic dentistry procedures. When individuals are concerned about their dull and discolored smile, they may begin to ask questions about professional teeth whitening.

It’s common knowledge that many local drugstores carry a wide range of oral health products including whitening solutions. These may come in many different forms including trays, strips, and toothpastes. However, when men and women in the Palm Beach Gardens area utilize these over-the-counter solutions, they are often unhappy with the results achieved. In fact, some patients don’t even see any whitening benefits to these products. Thankfully, with the advances in professional and cosmetic dentistry, patients can now visit Pure Dental Care and enjoy the benefits of professional teeth whitening at their practice.

Professional teeth whitening options at their practice include in-office power bleaching. This particular method of whitening is done under the surveillance of a professional to ensure proper results, comfort, and safety. The composition of the ingredients in professional teeth whitening gels is much stronger than those available over-the-counter so application and monitoring with a dental professional is highly recommended when they are in use.

With the in-office power bleaching, patients will rest easy while they are prepared for treatment. This includes a professional cleaning of the teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar before the procedure begins. A barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue to protect it and the whitening gel is administered onto the surfaces of the teeth. Then, a special whitening light is used to shine onto the tooth enamel to activate the whitening gel and provide stunning results. Patients leave the dental practice after an hour or two and can flash their brand new smile to everyone they meet!

Pure Dental Care can provide whitening services to patients who do not have dental restorations and are ready to achieve noticeable results with their procedure. Our team is dedicated to rejuvenating smiles and helping patients feel comfortable and confident with their appearance.


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