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Reasons to choose a holistic dentist in West Palm Beach

Reasons to choose a holistic dentist in West Palm Beach

For many years, a dentist was only concerned about the health of your mouth. If your teeth hurt or your gums started to bleed you visited a dentist who filled your cavities, treated gum disease, and treated other problems in your mouth. Dentists did not typically consider your overall health to determine if there was an underlying cause for your issues.

In recent years, however, studies have determined that there is a correlation between your overall health and the health of your mouth. Conditions such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s have been linked to dental problems. This development has caused progressive dentists to approach patient care from a holistic perspective, looking at the entire body, rather than simply treating your symptoms.

Pure Dental Care of West Palm Beach know that anything that takes place in your mouth can, and often does, affect your overall health and wellbeing. To that end, they are dedicated to making sure that each procedure performed in their office is safe and beneficial to the patient.

For example, Pure Dental Care believe in using safe materials. Not only do they not use mercury, which has a potential toxicity to patients with metal fillings, they are trained in the safe removal of mercury fillings. If a patient requests to have his or her metal fillings removed, Dr. Keith follows a number of steps to be sure that the patient and his dental team are not exposed to the dangerous toxins during the procedure.

In addition to using only safe materials, Pure Dental Care believe that holistic dentistry includes providing restorative and cosmetic care in a completely safe manner, using the least invasive approach possible. When you choose holistic dentistry in West Palm Beach, you will be in charge of your treatment plan. Our dentists will treat you with kindness and respect, thoroughly explaining all of your available options. Together, we will develop your treatment plan and then execute it with gentle care.

If you’re looking for a dentist who takes a holistic approach to dental care, call Pure Dental Care of West Palm Beach to schedule a consultation.


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