How removal of teeth stains can dramatically enhance smiles in the West Palm Beach area

How removal of teeth stains can dramatically enhance smiles in the West Palm Beach area

Pure Dental Care in West Palm Beach are holistic dentists who want only the best for their patients. When patients have staining and discoloration that makes them self-conscious about their appearance, our team can step forward and make suggestions. We offer a wide selection of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help, including professional-grade teeth whitening that can assist with the removal of stains on the teeth.

Pure Dental Care encourage their patients to learn about the advantages of in-office power bleaching. This method of whitening has become incredibly popular, as it is not only efficient and safe, but fast. Whitening the smile in the dental office can brighten up to eight shades lighter in less than two hours.

The procedure cannot start until patients have had a consultation appointment with our team of professionals. During this time, the dentist can evaluate the smile and determine if patients are appropriate candidates. Pure Dental Care may make alternative suggestions if patients have restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers, as these will not be affected by the whitening products.

Once patients are deemed great candidates for the treatment, our staff will then begin with a professional cleaning. Cleaning the teeth can remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces, which could inhibit the products from whitening at their best. Dentists at Pure Dental Care then apply a barrier gel to the gum tissue to protect them from the whitening product. Whitening gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth, and then a specialized light is focused on it for a specific length of time to activate the whitening product and achieve the desired results.

Removing stains from the surfaces of the teeth can dramatically enhance the smile, and our team welcomes new patients to our holistic dental practice to find out what professional-grade whitening can do for their smiles.


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