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Options for the safe removal of mercury dental fillings in West Palm Beach

Options for the safe removal of mercury dental fillings in West Palm Beach

For many years, dental patients with cavities had only one option. Metal fillings were used because they were considered effective and durable in fixing and supporting decayed teeth. However, in recent years, the once go-to solution has come under fire because the fillings created from metal include up to 50 percent mercury.

Mercury is a highly toxic substance that can cause humans to have disorders or diseases of the brain, kidney, and immune system. Patients have been told to avoid mercury in certain foods, such as fish, but they wonder what they should do when the toxin is in their teeth, creating exposure every single day. Furthermore, the risk increases when the substance is heated during activities such as eating, brushing, and having teeth professionally cleaned.

Most dentists recommend only having the fillings removed if they are chipped or broken. Otherwise, the risk of having it removed can be greater than leaving them intact. Removing the mercury fillings, if not done exactly to protocol, can release the mercury vapor in the air and expose not only the patient to the harmful effects, but also the dentist and his team. Studies have shown that a patient’s mercury levels increase for a month following ingestion of even the smallest of particles.

If patients find that their filling is beginning to break down, or if they have immune disorders that can increase their risk, it’s important to find a dentist who is properly trained in the procedures for removal. In West Palm Beach, Pure Dental Care follow the strict procedures set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

These procedures include isolating the tooth and removing the filling in large pieces rather than grinding the material and sending mercury particles into the air. The process also includes using a special vacuum to remove any particles from the air and following specific requirements for proper disposal.

For more information about the safe removal of mercury fillings, call the office of Pure Dental Care today. Their entire team is committed to ensuring both the dental health and overall wellness of every patient.


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