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People in West Palm Beach, FL seek veneers “near me” that look natural

it is time to talk with Dr. Elizabeth Keith and the holistic team at Pure Dental Care for veneers that looking natural.

The West Palm Beach, FL area is home to many of the most beautiful people on the planet, as well as some who would like to enhance their smiles further. Dental veneers could be the solution they seek, for bright, even teeth that look natural. If you are looking for veneersnear me” in the Orchid City area, it is time to talk with Dr. Elizabeth Keith and the holistic team at Pure Dental Care. 

Veneer basics 

Dental veneers are thin coverings, usually made of porcelain, a medical-grade ceramic. Each veneer is individually crafted to transform the shape, size, and color of a tooth that shows when you smile. The veneer is cemented to the front of a prepared tooth, and it is not removable.

A single tooth may be treated; the four, six, or eight most visible teeth; or even a whole arch. Dr. Keith uses veneers to correct a variety of cosmetic concerns such as:

  • Deep discoloration that does not respond to professional whitening treatment.
  • Fractures, chips, grooves, pits, or bumps in enamel.
  • Minor misalignment, including spaces between teeth, shifting, and crowding.
  • Unusual shape, size, or wear.
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The procedure generally requires two appointments (often numbing is not needed at either visit). During the first visit, the teeth are prepared by removing a small layer of enamel. Then, impressions are taken. These molds, along with detailed measurements and shading instructions, are sent to a trusted dental laboratory where the veneers are fabricated. Meanwhile, teeth are protected with temporary resin veneers.

You return to Pure Dental Care in about two weeks. The doctor removes the interim restorations, fits your porcelain veneers, and cements them into place. With a final polish, your new smile gleams beautifully. 

Will veneers look natural? 

Will veneers look natural?, check what doctor said.

Dental veneers have become quite popular in recent years, for good reason – materials, design, and placement methods have evolved. However, veneers have a history that dates back to the late 1920s. Hollywood dentist, Dr. Charles Pincus, conceived the idea of applying temporary false coverings to the teeth of stars (some of whom had notoriously poor oral hygiene). Near the end of the 60s era, dental adhesives had improved dramatically, allowing a more permanent bond.

By the early 80s, this Hollywood tooth perfection technique became available to everyone. However, the “Chicklet smile” of early veneers were easy to spot. They often looked opaque, artificially white, blocky, or too large.

Today, in the care of Dr. Keith, those concerns are gone. Here are some of the reasons her veneers look completely natural:

  • She utilizes the latest porcelain materials, which are extremely strong. This results in a very thin veneer, with the translucency, light reflecting qualities, and luster of tooth enamel.
  • Long gone are one-color veneers. Dr. Keith applies precise shading techniques for veneers that mimic natural variations in color.
  • Meticulous preparation makes all the difference. Shaping the tooth by removing a minute layer of enamel allows the veneer to seat snugly at the gum line, rather than looking glued on top.
  • Tooth surfaces are etched slightly with a special solution that allows veneers to adhere securely. Next generation bonding agents are thinner and less opaque than in the past.

The most important factor, though, in achieving natural-looking veneers is the artistry of the practitioner. An effective cosmetic dentist must have a deep understanding of facial anatomy, including the subtle differences that make a male smile look masculine and contribute to the feminine delicacy of a woman’s mouth. The dentist must be able to guide the patient toward shading and shape that enhance every aspect of facial appearance, from skin tone to face shape and hair style. When all these elements balance with the patient’s treatment goals, the smile looks strikingly natural. 

How veneers fit into holistic dental care 

Check How veneers fit into holistic dental care.

Are you concerned that cosmetic enhancement does not fit into your plan of holistic dental care? Allow Dr. Keith to put that apprehension to rest. In every treatment – preventive, restorative, or cosmetic – she uses the safest available techniques and metal-free materials. Plus, holistic healthcare is all about bringing the entire patient into harmony – that includes the emotional wellbeing of liking what you see in the mirror.

To find out if veneers are right for you, call the dental practice with a holistic approach “near me” in West Palm Beach, FL. The number for Pure Dental Care is (855) 883-0355.

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