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West Palm Beach, FL dentist describes unnecessary wisdom tooth surgery

Wisdom tooth surgery from dentist in west palm beach fl

Approximately ten million wisdom teeth are extracted each year. If wisdom teeth have the potential to cause future dental issues, many dentists recommend wisdom tooth surgery. Dr. Elizabeth Keith in West Palm Beach, FL urge patients to reconsider unnecessary extractions to maintain their own health and safety.

Touted as a preventative procedure, many dentists recommended the removal of wisdom teeth, even if it may not truly be necessary for dental health. They emphasize wisdom teeth may:

  • become impacted
  • become infected
  • cause damage to the surrounding teeth
  • cause future dental problems

Any of these issues can happen every day without proper oral hygiene. Why should you remove something that may never actually cause problems?

Surgical risks

By undergoing wisdom tooth surgery, patients are open to potential trauma they may never have needed to experience. There are risks to surgery. If the socket is not thoroughly cleaned and periodontal ligament attaching the tooth to the bone is not removed, cavitations may form. A cavitation is a hole in the jawbone surrounded by decaying tissue. Unfortunately, cavitations are rarely caught until well into the disease and the only treatment is additional surgery.

Of course, not all extractions lead to problems, and there are times when surgery is the necessary procedure. It just should not be performed unless needed. With proper care and regular dental appointments, your dentist can track your wisdom teeth, observe any changes, and assess issues if they do, in fact, occur. At that time, the dentist and patient can discuss and agree upon a treatment plan.

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