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Safe, powerful ozone therapy helps contain cost of dental treatment in West Palm Beach FL

Safe, powerful ozone therapy helps contain cost of dental treatment in West Palm Beach FL

Dentists use ozone therapy to treat dental disease and to treat deeper decay, which results in better patient outcomes and a more pleasant experience at the dentist’s office. Think of this treatment as a powerful ally to restore and maintain your oral health. When considering the cost of ozone therapy in West Palm Beach FL, it’s important to also consider the value of this gentle, efficient and versatile approach to many conditions that affect the oral cavity.

Comfortable, minimally-invasive treatment – priceless

When you choose ozone therapy, you are opting for a proven and safe healer. This form of energized oxygen has been used through the centuries for everything from preserving food to treating water.

Dentists who embrace gentle techniques with an eye on holistic and long-term health, apply oxygen to periodontal pockets. For decayed teeth and diseased tissues, the gas may be administered to promote wound healing and an improved immune response. Pure Dental Care has also used ozone therapy to:

  • Relieve tooth sensitivity
  • Treat canker and other mouth sores
  • Relax muscles that cause painful and disruptive temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms
  • Rebuild lost minerals in teeth with cavities and other damage

Since your body’s white blood cells produce oxygen to kill harmful bacteria, this biocompatible treatment is a great fit with a dental practice that only invests in the safest products and approaches.

Oxygen’s beneficial properties allow procedures to be completed gently. The gas can kill bacteria and other harmful invaders in a matter of seconds, so once applied to the treatment area, the doctors minimize trauma during the procedure and preserve a maximum amount of tooth structure. As advanced as dental materials may be, nothing is better than natural, healthy tooth structure.

You can get the most out of each treatment, and the therapy minimizes the risks of developing complications that require additional treatment to restore the tooth to health. Additional treatment adds to costs. By its nature as an approach with maximum effectiveness and minimal risks, ozone therapy is cost-effective.

Of course, the number of appointments depends on the dental concern to be treated. The dental team values transparency; costs will be discussed prior to embarking on your personalized treatment plan. The team is adept at working with insurance providers to ensure you get any benefits due to you, and in line with the specific terms of your insurance contract.

Pure Dental Care never want anxiety over the costs of treatment to stand in the way of getting the best treatment for your long-term health. The dental team encourages you to call 855-883-0355 to schedule an appointment. The dentists welcome any questions, and look forward to seeing you!


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"Unfortunately, over the years my teeth had deteriorated and were in very poor shape. As you can guess it had been many years since I had been to a dentist. Fortunately, my doctor recommended Dr. Keith. Dr. Keith and her staff put me at ease and answered all my questions and laid out a plan of what was needed. I was happy to find they were of the holistic mindset and felt very much they were people I could trust with my serious dental conditions. As we have worked through this over the past months I find they are always there for me. If I have an issue here or there, they take it seriously and quickly have me in to correct it as best as possible. They were very careful in removing previous mercury fillings, taking measures to ensure I was not inhaling mercury during extraction. They keep me well informed of what is happening each step of the way which makes me confident in them and in how I am proceeding. I would recommend Dr. Keith to anyone who requires great and friendly dental care." ~Steven
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