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Many older adults face the issue of weakened teeth or the loss of teeth due to degeneration or gum disease. In the past, the most common form of treatment in instances where all teeth needed to be removed was the denture appliance. Today, there is also the option for dental implants. However, the dentures that are made today are far more advanced than those of the past, thanks to excellent new technology.

Dentures come in a few different forms. One may receive a partial denture, a full denture, or an overdenture, which is supported by a few dental implants. In any of these options, the patient is included in the customization process – one of the benefits of advanced dental technology. During the initial phases of obtaining a new denture appliance, Dr. Elizabeth Keith assesses the structure of the jaw and any teeth remaining and also pays attention to the patient’s facial structure to find the best fit for the denture.The replacement of missing teeth is important and should not be neglected. In the mouth is where the entire process of digestion begins. Without teeth to properly chew food, digestion will be adversely affected over time.

Once a denture is made, it is thoroughly assessed for fit. Your comfort and function are our priority. Should you currently wear a denture appliance that causes you social or physical discomfort, contact Pure Dental Care for an evaluation.

"Very professional. And everyone in the office is so nice! Very happy to have found this dentist office!" ~Mark D.
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