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Finding a holistic dentist in West Palm Beach, Florida

Finding a holistic dentist in West Palm Beach, Florida

Maybe you’ve just moved to south Florida and are looking for a new dental practice. Maybe you’re looking for a dentist who cares about the health of your body as much as the health of your smile. Maybe you’re looking for a dentist who is committed to only using safe materials in your treatments.

A holistic dentist might be for you. A holistic dentist knows that there is a connection between the patient’s body and her mouth and the dentist looks beyond the symptoms present in the mouth to find the underlying cause. When the mouth is healthy, the body will benefit.

To find a holistic dentist, consider the following:

  • Recommendations from family and friends: Start by asking trusted friends, neighbors, or family who their dentist is. Find out if they are happy with the dentist, and ask what makes them feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Convenient location: Is the office near your home, children’s school, or your office? When you mouth is healthy, you’ll only need to visit the office twice a year. However, if you have an emergency or if you develop an issue later that needs further treatments you want to be able to get to the office quickly and easily.
  • Comfortable office: When you enter the office you should feel comfortable and at ease. From the seating to the lighting to music, the office should leave you feeling calm and welcome.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly team: Your dentist and his team should be friendly and professional. A warm smile when you walk in the door, a hygienist who remembers your name and a dentist who knows your medical and dental history are all important to the overall experience. Additionally, look for a dentist who combines years of experience with continuing education. While mastering treatments is important, keeping up with new technologies and procedures is also critical to patient care.

Dentists at Pure Dental Care, has been practicing holistic dentistry in Florida since 1985. Conveniently located in West Palm Beach, he has years of experience and countless hours of continuing education. Working together with Dr. Elizabeth Keith, this practice believes in using only safe materials in your mouth and treating the entire patient, not just your mouth. Call Pure Dental Care to schedule an appointment today.


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"Very professional. And everyone in the office is so nice! Very happy to have found this dentist office!" ~Mark D.
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