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Patients in Palm Beach Gardens area ask, are false teeth like retainers?

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False teeth, known as dentures, have been used for many decades to assist patients in and around the Palm Beach Gardens area with the loss of natural adult teeth. Dr. Elizabeth Keith use dentures to repair smiles that are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all teeth. False teeth come in different types, and patients who are missing one or more teeth within the dental arch may benefit from the use of a partial denture.

Patients may consider partial dentures when they want to avoid dental bridges or they are not good candidates for dental implants. While both of these are effective treatment options, some patients want a more affordable solution or prefer a removable appliance. This is when partial dentures are recommended.

The team at Pure Dental Care often take the time to explain to patients how partial dentures work. They typically refer to them as retainers with false teeth attached. Anyone who has had orthodontic work may be familiar with retainers, which are made of both acrylic and metal. The metal framework wraps around the teeth in the dental arch for support and to hold them in place, and the acrylic is molded to the roof (or bottom) of the mouth for a precise fit. They also find that partial dentures work in a similar manner and are removable in the same way.

There are benefits to having a removable denture. Removable dentures are easier for dentists to adjust when changes in the mouth occur. They are also simple for patients to remove for cleaning, ensuring better oral health. These dentures are also much more affordable and many dental insurance companies will cover part or all of the cost, so it is important to notify the dentists if you have any insurance coverage to see if you qualify for a reduced cost.

The team at Pure Dental Care of the Palm Beach Gardens area want patients to have access to the best restorative procedures available. Contact us today to book a consultation visit and examination to find out if removable partial dentures are appropriate for you.

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