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Although mainstream dentistry seeks to improve oral health, the focus of our holistic dentistry practice is each patient’s overall health. We strive to see past the obvious symptoms and benefit a patient’s overall health by making the connection between the body and the mouth.

We are tied to our mouths quite literally. However, many people do not realize just how great an impact the state of oral health has on the body. At the core of our holistic dentistry practice is this very understanding. When consulting with a patient, Dr. Elizabeth Keith assesses the present issue and then looks beyond the symptoms to determine the underlying cause. In treating the body, the mouth will benefit, and vice versa.

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    Perhaps one of the things that holistic dentistry is best known for

    • is its avoidance of the use of metal in restorative procedures and
    • using Ozone therapy in preventing and treatment of dental caries and gum disease and
    • safe mercury fillings removal.

    While the American Dental Association stands behind the use of amalgam fillings, which are the single greatest source of mercury exposure, your holistic dentist makes the decision not to use this material based on studies which have shown it to be detrimental to health and practices strict protocols in the removal of metal mercury fillings.

    Some of these detrimental effects of mercury findings include:

    • Mercury, which comprises 50% of the weight of a filling, is a known neurotoxin. While the FDA may consider this safe for adults and children over the age of six, it has been shown that neurotoxins are dangerous to both the mature and the developing nervous tissue. There is no safe level of mercury, one of the most toxic metal after plutonium.
    • Some of the conditions that may come from exposure include memory impairment and dementia – also known as Alzheimer’s disease. Mercury from fillings is easily transported to other parts of the body, mainly through the lymph, blood, and nerves. Once in other parts of the body, those organs may begin to develop unhealthy ailments. Over 100 symptoms and syndromes have been attributed to chronic mercury exposure, such as tremors, heart disease, chronic fatigue, and depression, to name a few.
    • The level of mercury in the brain is directly related to the number of mercury fillings in the mouth.

    In our holistic practice, we have your best interest in mind. Dr. Elizabeth Keith is not only a mercury free dentists, she is a mercury safe dentists, which means that she has received specialized training in the area of mercury removal. We follow protocols to remove mercury metal fillings from the tooth in a way that the patient does not swallow the particles. Contact us to learn more about holistic dentistry, or to schedule your next visit at Pure Dental Care.

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    Safe Mercury Removal

    As people are learning more about the dangers of 24/7 exposure to the mercury contained in amalgam fillings, dentists are being asked to replace such fillings with a safer alternative. What is important,in our holistic dentistry practice, we take mercury removal very seriously, as we know that the patient’s health is impacted by this toxic material.

    With a focus on patient health, we follow the SMART protocol set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This protocol has been established to increase the safety of the procedure for both patient and our team.

    Part of the IAOMT protocol is technique and part is related to the tools used in the safe removal of amalgam fillings. Rather than grind down amalgam fillings to remove the material, the IAOMT guidelines suggest that the material be sliced so it can be removed in larger portions. In following this suggestion, we are able to reduce the instance of small particles and mercury exposure to the patient as well as to our staff. Just as important, we also apply consistent high volume vacuum directly next to the affected tooth so that the greatest percentage of debris can be immediately evacuated from the mouth. We use a safety catch net (rubber dam isolation while removing the metal mercury filling).

    We utilize the ISOLITE system which acts as a barrier covering the back of the patient’s mouth and suction while the procedure is performed.

    Because mercury particles are very small and can fill the airspace surrounding the immediate treatment area, our patients receive oxygen during treatment. We also offer patients charcoal tablets, Chlorella and Glutathione tablets which may be taken orally before treatment begins. These tablets help facilitates the elimination of toxic materials, and will help the body flush mercury should any be ingested.

    By taking these steps, we provide as many barriers against exposure as possible.

    If you are concerned about the effects of mercury in amalgam fillings, contact Pure Dental Care to schedule your safe mercury removal.